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Wedding Day Tips
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We have created some tips for getting the most out of your wedding day photography, with a small amount of extra planning you can have a smooth flowing, enjoyable day!
We will meet with you to go through your plans for your wedding day around 30 days before the big day. Here we will plan out all the fine details of your day. We can help with your plans in regards to the timing of your photography, and work with you to pick the locations that you will love for your photos.

Wedding Day Tips:

It's best not to try anything drastic just before your wedding. If you plan on trying a new hair color for your wedding, its best to try it well before the week of your wedding; this ensures that there won't be any surprises! Give it a try a month or two before and see what you think.

The same goes for your makeup. Be sure to get that trial makeup session done well in advance, and be sure that you love the look that your makeup artist has in mind for you. You could always book your makeup trial the day of your engagement photos. What a great reason to get your makeup done that day!

Tell your hair and makeup artist you need to be finished at least half an hour before you really need to be out of there – that buffer makes all the difference in getting you out of that chair when you really need to be done!

If you are planning on getting that sun kissed look for your wedding, it is a good idea to start this process well in advance of your wedding. Don't plan on getting spray tanned the day before your wedding if you don't know how you will react to the product. Yes, this has gone badly in the past - I don't want it to be you.

Give your wedding party and family clear instructions of where they need to be, and what time they need to arrive. Have everyone arrive 15 minutes before the required time. This ensures that everyone will be there on time! Plan on giving them (or emailing them ahead of time) a map of the locations they need to be at. We provide location maps to help you with this!
Know your locations. Tell your wedding party and family where the best place is to park and if they need to pay for parking at this location.

Get cell phone numbers of all the drivers in your wedding party (Unless you have hired a limousine to drive the entire wedding party for the day). There are times that the backup location will be used and calling all the people that are involved to let them know the change is a must if we want to make the most of the time that we have together.

During your wedding day formals you may want to consider bringing flat shoes to walk in for that couple of hours and save your high heeled feet from exhaustion. Remember you still have a long night ahead of you. Plan on suggesting this to your wedding party as well. A small bag to bring along with you during your photo session will do the trick. We can always make sure that your awesome stilettos will be worn in the actual picture!

Bring touch up makeup and hair products with you as well. You never know when a stray hair needs a bit of hairspray or a refresh on that perfect lipstick is needed!

During the preparation photos making sure that the room that you are getting ready in is clean and tidy. It seems like a petty little detail, but it really makes all the difference in your photos! Think clean magazine look. Of course it's not going to be perfect, but the cleaner the space the cleaner your photos will look.

Most of all...Enjoy your day! This is the day that you have been planning for months and it is finally here. Even if there is a hiccup in your day, you are with your best friend celebrating with your family and friends – it's the perfect day to get married! Enjoy every minute of it!