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The Perfect Gift

posted by Esprit Photography    |   December 30, 2011 15:10

There is that perfect gift you can give someone that can’t be any more thoughtful or perfect. There are moments in your life that a perfectly timed word of encouragement, hug or a smile, or thoughtful gift that means more to you than words can say…

This year was the year that Grandad passed away. He lived a long, happy and fulfilled life. He made everyone smile around him. He was full of life and everyone loved Grandad to pieces. That smile you see on his face…that’s how he made everyone feel around him. He made you smile from ear to ear.

After the tears and sadness of missing them its time for that smile to reappear…a time to remember the good times with him, the laughs and smiles, the stories told. I came across a photo of Grandad the way we all remembered him. This is the smile that we all love and know. This photo – beautifully framed was what I gave my Mom and Grandma this year for Christmas. I saved it for last knowing the emotion it would bring and emotion it did bring! Tears flowed as we embraced. The room was silent as we waited for someone to say something. The tears were good tears and although it sounds sad that I chose to give the gift of tears for Christmas; it wasn’t just tears…the tears were just for a moment and what occurred next was a beautiful thing. We were all able to talk about Grandad and smile and laugh and tell stories of how wonderful and full our life was because of him. The beautifully framed image brought memories that no other gift could have given. It was that perfect gift that you can’t wait to share – that gift that you are more excited to share than any gift you could receive. I couldn’t have been happier to share that gift I was able to give. A picture is worth a thousand words…sure. It’s worth a thousand memories too. How wonderful to be able to share that with people you love!!!

Esprit Photography - Grandpa

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